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Diana Beach Batarseh is an educator, speaker, writer and musician who has been serving kids and families for over 20 years. Diana was founding director of Mustard Seed Preschool, a ministry of Christ Community Church. During those years, Diana developed the Ask Me WhoOo series in an effort to teach kids the basics of the faith using the Children's First Catechismset to her original music.

She is a frequent speaker to women's groups on the subject of parenting, Christian education, and understanding ourbelovedness in Christ. In 2010 presented her Beloved conferences in such far away places as Belize! Diana has been a worship leader in the church for over 25 years, participating in national women's conferences and retreats.

It Takes A LOT of people to make great music happen!

The Musicians:
Helping me and my guitar was my friend Ken Lewis on percussion. We cut tracks at both Blair's studio and Ken's. It was musical candy to see all of Ken's percussion instruments from around the world. What an ear this guy has. He had us stomping feet, subdividing claps like the Gipsy Kings... so much fun! For my musician listeners, I know you will appreciate his work on this project. Ken is also a studio in great demand here in Nashville.

To learn more about Ken Lewis, please visit
Ken's Web Site

Matt Pierson, bass. My friend Matt, besides being a very versatile musician, had his son Harrison in the preschool where I was director. He saw firsthand the beauty of teaching the catechism, especially through song, and offered to support this project any way he could. What fun to finally get to work together in the studio. Some of the tracks on the cds have multiple bass tracks. The layering of his music was so gorgeous I could hardly stand it!

To learn more about Matt Pierson, please visit Matt's Web Site

The Engineer:
Brett Teagarden: Engineer, Mixing and Mastering. I have been working with Brett for years, first in simple cd duplication. Then when we finally got to record this project for reals, Brett lent his ear to mixing and mastering the songs on the cd.

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The Vocalists:
Me and my kids! Isidora Beach (14), JP Batarseh (12), Lina Beach (9) and Justice Marie Batarseh (7), and JoJo Batarseh (5).

It is a joy to sing these songs with my kids knowing that they really KNOW them. The truths of the catechism are in their heart, and I can't imagine a better gift than to join our voices together and invite countless families to sing along.

Here's a fun picture from back in the day!

Diana is pleased to have worked with the fine folks at GCP. They are the publishing arm of the PCA - the Presbyterian Church of America. They are based outside of Atlanta, GA. They have a wonderful catalog of publications to serve the church and the community at large.
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The Producer:

Drum roll please...
Mister Blair Masters

Blair is a genius musician whom I also have the honor of calling friend.

He is very accomplished and has served the church for many, many years with hismusical talents, primarily as a keyboard player. Blair also has done a ton of touring with the likes of such groups as Point of Grace, Michael McDonald, Peter Frampton, Leanne Rimes, and many more. You can hear his keys in lots of recorded works - he works regularly with producer Brown Bannister. If that weren't enough, he is also a writer, working with the likes of great writers like Gordon Kennedy.

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The Singers and Readers:

Isidora Rose (Isi)

Joshua Peter (JP)

Caroline Thomas (Lina)

Justice Marie (Justice)

Josiah Michael (JoJo)

Peter (Dad)
He's the designer behind
Ask Me WhoOo

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