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Listen to Diana's interview with Pastor Kevin Bowling of Knowing The Truth Radio. Rev. Bowling pastors the congregation of Mountian Bridge Bible Fellowship in Traveler's Rest, South Carolina.

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One GOSPEL. A message from Diana Beach Batarseh

There is only one gospel, my friends. Not one for kids serving up familiar flannel graph bible stories, and another one for adults unpacking reformed doctrine. There is only one gospel! It is concrete and it is abstract.

So how do you teach young children what it means that God is three persons? What does it mean that He is God and Man? I took my inspiration from Charles Spurgeon, our British brother in the faith from the late 1800s. Spurgeon wrote that if the Spirit is at work in a child's heart, it is up to the adult to make the truths plain to them!

So take that, my fun-loving jabbing friends who would tease me for walking into Mustard Seed Preschool with my Martin guitar in one hand and my bible and Systematic Theology tome under my other arm. It matters deeply that I take an abstract concept like the Trinity and try to make it as plain as possible.

We know that the deepest thinkers in all of time have a hard time understanding let alone explaining this mysterious reality about our God. And yet -- He is incomprehensible, uncontainable, mysterious. Dare we offer a small God for small children? No, no!! He is vast, and we are small. Our proper place in His story is knowing that He made us, He loves us, and He keeps us, and that the world is NOT child-sized. It is GOD-sized and He invites us to delight in it, and in Him. We will ever be discovering the depths and heights of our God. How do we educate our kids, then?

Deuteronomy 6 and 11 hold the answers for us. It is the biblical mandate to talk about God to our children while they are lying down, sitting down, or walking down the road. From the parting of the seas to the wonders of our very individual salvation histories. Talk to them. Sing these songs with them. Answer their questions with other questions. When you don't know how to answer them, teach them how you go about finding the answer.

Please don't shrink God. Our kids CAN learn so much! Expose them to the vastness and wonder of our great, big God. Wake them up one night and take them to the swingset and look at the stars and be joined together in wonder of our Creator who not only PLACED EACH STAR but named every single one. Staggering!

There is One wonderous Gospel. One glorious God!

Dan Haseltine

Artist, Jars of Clay

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"My family has experienced the fruit of Ask Me WhoOo. Our boys have been exposed to a lot of music. As a parent, it is so meaningful to see them recall God's truths through these songs and ask incredible questions that ignite spiritual conversation."

"Finally, the First Catechism put to music that children love to listen to, love to sing, and love to learn! My grandchildren ask for this music when they get into my car. They have no idea they are being “catechized."

Sue Jakes
Education Specialist
Christian Education & Publications
Presbyterian Church in America

“Diana has resonated with and furthered the Church’s current resurgence of catechizing our children. Literally hundreds of children have buried in their hearts these redemptive melodies and eternal truths about our Triune God through this fresh and effective resource."

Scotty Smith
Founding Pastor
Christ Community Church

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