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What age are you aiming at for the Ask Me WhoOo series?

Generally children go through formal catechism training around 8-9 years of age; this project is intended to suppliment, if not anchor, this critical season of Christian education.

The children singing with me range in age from 5-14. My 15 year-old started singing these with me when she was 8, and they are with her still today. My children are now 5, 8, 10, 13, and 15--they ALL love the music and have these truths locked deep in their heart.

I have found over the last 6 years that even younger siblings, around 1 1/2 to 2 years of age, are quickly learning the songs as well.

The reality of Ask Me WhoOo is that it is aimed at the entire family! A tool to help strengthen the spiritual foundation of any home.

The style of music is accessable to all ages; it's not "tolerated" by parents, they actually enjoy it! And this is good news because these CDs become the most requested mini-van music! Children will want to listen over and over and over again!

Are the songs truly word for word?

Yes! I wanted kids to memorize the catechism question and answers exactly as they are written. In order to fit the meter and cadence of the music, I repeat phrases, but I leave nothing out nor change or add words.

What about the scriptures?

I wanted to provide scriptures that you can reference to explore the content of the themes presented in the catechism. Catechism memorization should not replace bible memory. No sir. No ma'am.

Aren't these truths too complicated for young children?

You'd be very surprised the conversations that engender because big truth are presented. Just think - God made us for His own glory, and He indwells us with His presence as His children. What I find is that many truths are plain to understand. Those that are more abstract are worth teaching.

We are providing pegs upon which truths they will learn later on will have a frame of reference. For example, the question that asks, "What is God?" provides this answer: "God is a Spirit and does not have a body like men." My three year-old new this catechism question, but had her chance to apply it when, while we were watching former President Bush on TV, she leaned over and asked, "is that God?" After a stiffled chuckle, I said, "No, honey! Remember, God is a spirit, and does not have a body like men." She gave me a knowing, "ooooohhhhh."

How long will it take to receive my cds?

Usually one week after payments process.
What does Catechism mean, anyways?

The term catechism refers to a simple question and answer format, used to facilitate memorization of the basics of a set of beliefs.

Historically speaking, churches and parents "catechized" their children to educate them about Christianity. Many protestant denominations derive their own catechisms from the Westminster Shorter Catechism, written in the 1600s by English and Scottish Divines. In the late 1800s, Joseph Engels adapted this body of work into what we call The Children's First Catechism.

Great Commission Publications adapted Engel's work to make it more accessible to moderns. They did a beautiful job of preserving the integrity of the original document.

GCP granted Ask Me WhoOo permission to use their adaptation for the 74 songs which comprise Ask Me WhoOo.

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